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Our mission is to broaden our role in the creative arts for the citizens of St. Charles County, Missouri (and surrounding areas), by offering opportunities for the innovation and engagement of the arts on local and global levels for people of all ages and abilities.


The Midwest Center for Creative Arts offers individuals the chance to explore artistic and cultural outlets from an experiential approach in a family-oriented, nurturing environment. MCCA supports the development and promotion of local talent while further enriching the lives of people in the community by providing affordable, enjoyable, quality entertainment which recognizes the arts as a medium through which the diversity of the human experience is understood and valued. MCCA encourages and challenges participants of all abilities and skill levels while maintaining a standard of excellence.


MCCA operates on a 3-term per-year schedule (Fall, Spring, and Summer). We strive to parallel the typical school year.

We have open enrollment for all of our programs at the beginning of each term. We have auditions for the CenterStage, UpStage, and MainStage theatre programs.

Programs run 8 to 12 weeks (depending upon the production) and we have performances at the end of the term for participants to showcase their work.


MCCA rehearsals and performances are usually located at Sunrise Methodist Church. Currently, all MCCA rehearsals and performances are virtual in 2020.

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